Gautam Gambhir: Mumbai Playgrounds not suitable for girl cricketers

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Mumbai Playgrounds not suitable for girl cricketers

Gautam Gambhir shares a deep bond with Mumbai. It was at Wankhede Stadium where his gritty 97 helped India lift the 2011 World Cup. Gautams 97 one of the cricket highlights in 2001 world cup. Gautam Gambhir helped his 97 score to lift the 2011 World Cup. Here is the latest cricket news.

At Wankhede stadium his 97 helped India lift the 2011 World Cup. This tells that a deep bond with Mumbai. In this city it is a surprise for multiple times for Gautam Gambhir. With his journalist friend Gambhir stepped out from his hotel wearing a sunglass and a handkerchief. He went to a Ice Cream parlour with his friend. This happened during VIVO IPL 2018.

Later Gambhir  wrote in his column for The Times of India: “A journalist friend of mine from Delhi is freelancing for a foreign sports channel. They are putting together a documentary on history of Mumbai cricket. My friend is a ‘pakka Dilliwala’. You know those who actually fantasise drowning in a tub-full of butter chicken and shahi paneer on Tuesdays, those who can use cuss words even between ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ and cricket-wise those who hate Mumbai because of their record 41 times Ranji Trophy title wins

“Shockingly just five days of filming for the documentary has made him a fan of Mumbai cricket. The guy is now a convert! Don’t get me wrong as he can still dance on the sound of a generator but all of a sudden is giving me history classes on Mumbai’s legendary stadiums. He somehow convinced me to do a short trip to the stadiums.”

“There were eight or nine matches going on. A fielder who was at third man for his match was at silly point for another game and at long off for another one. Tents were being used as ‘dressing rooms’. Amidst this chaos the game went on with romance and determination, may be carefully constructing another [Sachin] Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma. A glass of sugarcane juice and vada paavlater I was on Azad Maidan,” wrote Gambhir.

About women’s cricket

May be Mumbai is a cricket hub little question however Gambhir makes a vital observation on why woman cricketers and their families would be reluctant: “There were solely boys or part in cricket. Not that things arany completely different in my home state urban enter however I expected higher from metropolis. I looked around and realized although women did play here there have been no bogs or good dynamic rooms for them. As a father of 2 daughters I will perceive why oldsters in metropolis may be reluctant.“Standing there I couldn’t facilitate however surprise a tragic contradiction. whereas Wankhede arena was all clothed up for our IPL game, these stadiums, that a nursery of metropolis cricket, were finding out their correct bogs. aside from this the grounds breathe this nice game.

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